Lizzo LIttle Ceasars Arena Detroit Concert

Lizzo at LCA – It’s about damn time!

Ok, for those of you living under a rock, there is this amazing woman changing the face of entertainment one single, one record, one action at a time. It’s obvious why people love her, she is preaching one hell of an amazing set of self love. Her songs speak to everyone about some real world situations, Blame it on the Juice is the catchiest number. And every woman I know does a hair toss and checks her nails.

The concert was an estrogen boost of positivity. There were men there, yes, Jake was our chaperone. But, we ladies really needed a boost and a way to connect. Lizzo is giving us that. In the show, she acknowledged all kinds of women in the audience by pointing out their clothing colors, their hair, reading their signs out to the rest of the people. Really pretty amazing to watch and by the end, there was no way you couldn’t fall madly in love with her.

I’ve seen a bunch of angry men comment that Lizzo is gross, fat, ugly and a bunch of other shit that dudes say to try to sqash women. Well, forget that crap right now. Wear what you like, dress so you feel good and happy. You want 100 feet of extensions, you do you, wanna shave that hair right off, Lizzo’s got your back.

At one point, there was a large group half way up the back and their signs said “Abortion is Healthcare”. Lizzo did not back off from that message either. Loud and proud, this wasn’t about killing babies, this is about women being able to make a decision with their doctors about their own bodies. No wonder men are upset by her, she’s got the mic and she’s using it to empower women everywhere.

See that situation where she used the flute recently. We need more attention and accessibility to arts and music in our culture. It’s one of the ways people can express their anger without needing to lash out violently to others. What’s so wrong with that.

Her dancers were of all sizes and shapes and killing it. What set up that image anyway that every one needs to be tall, thin and blonde (coming from a tall thin blonde woman, I think it’s a load of crap). Watching them work so hard, dance so much and never miss a beat or even look like they were tired or out of breath. Loved them so much.

And, here’s a link to her playlist from

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