John Mayer – Solo

John Mayer went to a place where I go on a frequent basis… all alone with my guitar and voice. Now, I really am working on having the same kind of mad soloing skills he does, but for now, I’m grateful to accompany myself and have the opportunity to make my living playing and sharing music with audiences. I find it amazing that his songs are both so interesting, simple and also popular that an entire stadium full of people will sit and actually pay attention. They sang along where appropriate, listened intently to his stories in between the songs and during the songs as well. I’m grateful our seats were not on the main floor as I wasn’t interested in standing for the entire show… and those guys did. Major props to them.

Mayer set up a nice stage with three clear performance areas for different parts of the show. The walk on & sit down, story teller stage left tight close ups on the guitar neck, then moving center stage standing with some great video screen footage from his younger days, one segment in front of a baby grand piano with electric guitar and then back around to simple acoustic leaving via stage left. Funny part of the evening is the fact that he spent alot of time in awe of the fact that the audience wanted to see him stripped down like this and also that he could keep it interesting by not planning every song out. The audience called in a few numbers and he also made fun of his tiktok Daddy? joke. Over all, he’s a charming guy. Great songs that really made for a pleasant relaxing evening out.

Volume wasn’t too bad, croud was polite, overall, a ten out of ten experience. I can’t wait until he plays with the Dead again.

John Mayer Detroit Live Music Melissa Behring Opinion Review

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