Henry Kapono / Johnny Valentine the Royal Kona Resort Kailua Big Island Hawaii

So while we were on the Big Island we spent a bit more time in Kailua / Kona down by the ocean and also in town in search of live music. Since the pandemic regulations relaxed a lot of people are reopened for business and the tourists are back out for fun in the sun. While we were out with Captain Steve on SeaQuest snorkeling down to the Captain Cook Monument, he mentioned checking out the Royal Kona Resort’s entertainment offering. He also said, arrive early so that you actually get a seat/table. Great advice.

First Thursday we went to see my favorite Hawaiian Folk singer, Henry Kapono. He’s written several hit songs and also has a great repertoire of fun local music by other prominent Hawaiian songwriters. My favorite, Good Night & Good morning, along with Island Style and Friends are some of the songs in his show that are great to sing along to and a lot of the audience knows the words, so take a listen to him before you go.

Second Thursday, we saw Johnny Valentine and his son. They perform a variety of classic rock covers and a few of the popular Hawaiian songs as well. Overall, their show seemed most like any other guitar cover band experience anywhere. Nice singing and playing though and a very enjoyable performance. I’d recommend going if you’ve not been.

The coolest part of hearing Henry, besides singing along, was actually checking out his very interesting slimline guitar. At the time, we didn’t know quite what he was playing. Turns out it was a Sydow Guitar, made of carbon fiber. There will be more to come on the Sydow Guitar, because we now have a couple of them to mess around with and a nice partnership developing with the brand.

The Royal Kona Resort sits right on the bay with the cruise ship tender in view when they are in town. They have a bar/restaurant that is open air that overlooks the ocean and offers a variety of fish, hamburgers and other bar-type Hawaiian inspired cuisine.

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