Brian Wilson (the Beach Boys) and Chicago at Pine Knob Music Theater

Last night we saw Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys) and Chicago at Pine Knob. If you haven’t noticed a recurring theme of questioning how to age gracefully in the arts as an entertainer in my posts over the last several months, let me be more blunt. 

Brian Wilson is not a young man, and his behavior when he was a young man has clearly impacted him as he is aging. The music he composed however is keeping us all younger and making a lot of people happy still today. His band was great, the singing arrangements were fantastic and very impressive. They are obviously all very good friends with Brian and care about him immensely. We’ve seen this show before and a smaller venue, the Royal Oak music Theatre back in 2019 before the pandemic. Worth seeing if you like California dreaming and surf music… highly recommend for nostalgia sake alone.

Chicago, not just a city in Jake and my roots as a couple, but a band we both love the music of. We’ve been to see them many times at Pine knob, formerly DTE, and I have to say I enjoyed the other performances more. They played more Peter Cetera songs and had someone on bass that really sounded like Peter. The man on bass tonight, was great and sang well… I just wanted a little more from the entire experience as a whole. I am glad we went though… 

To the folks yelling their medical business behind us during the concert, I really didn’t need to know about your bloodwork, exams and doctor dialogue… I came to listen to music and forget about problems for a few hours… maybe you should have tried listening to Mr Wilson.