Abundance and Gratitude
(Awards Season)

I feel so very fortunate these days. I’m singing it loud and proud from the rooftops! I get to sing songs with the man I love on guitar accompanying me, I have a great “day job”… And I get to travel frequently while still sleeping in my bed at home most every night.

My circle is strong. I have a great bunch of friends helping me navigate this crazy thing called life. Many of you I collected over the course of singing songs on the seven seas, some of you from my rock band days and even a few might know me for jazz, opera or soul. My voice has always been the conduit to amazing experiences and people.

Melissa Behring singer Detroit musician entertainment party music booking

There’s a vibrant and exciting music scene all around Detroit, it’s surrounding suburbs (Metro) and beyond …across the state of Michigan.

I am happy we are home to be a part of it and am proud to help represent the sounds of Detroit, Motown, the Motor City, a UNESCO City of Design, by creating music, performing and spreading the songs that are the soundtrack for your life.

Many friends, new and old, are helping shape the direction of my sound, the locations we perform, and the material I select to sing. It’s exciting to have input and update the songs I am known for. As always, if you have a song request email or message it over. If you know of a performance opportunity, please email, call, text, Facebook, Instagram, Fire bomb me the details!

Melissa Behring Singer Detroit Musician Paris
Singer, Melissa Behring from Detroit, A musician in Paris by Philippe Poitevan

I’m looking forward to an exciting year ahead with a bunch of great music and adventures to come.

Thank you for supporting me.

Melissa Behring Jake Tobias acoustic music Detroit soundtrack of your life
Now booking acoustic duo performance opportunities for the soundtrack of your life.