Rain boots rock

I’m sure it’s of no surprise that during the fall in Michigan it rains. The one thing you might not be thinking about are all the little kids who don’t have rain boots to go outside to play.

Think about that one time your feet were wet and cold.

Playing outside is not only healthy for the mind but it’s shown to be an excellent way for children to learn and develop gross motor skills. Studies have shown that young children learn best by active play.

• Children try out ideas and solve problems, they encounter in play. They build skills in important content areas.

• Teachers encourage children to explore a variety of materials in different ways, using all of their senses.

• A predictable and consistent daily routine for toddlers and preschoolers gives them the sense of security they need to make choices and take risks, opening the door to exciting learning opportunities.

• In large- and small- group activities, healthy snacks, and outdoor play; full-day programs also include mealtimes and a rest or nap time. Children benefit from having established routines.

In order to arm these teachers and children for the future, they need to go outside to play. Plain & simple.

There are classrooms full of 4 year old students in Great Start Readiness Programs throughout Detroit who need our help to get get outside, even in the rain!

I am collecting pre-school sized rain boots from size 1 through 13 at all my performances in the month of October. These donations are tax deductible.

For reference, one pair of rain boots costs around $20. Maybe skip that Starbucks coffee for just one week and help a kid out with a pair of boots.

You can contact me directly for a list of schools that will benefit from our kindness and generosity. MelissBehring@gmail.com

For more information on High Scope Active Learning, visit the Michigan Technological University website.

The Melissa Behring performances you can donate at:

  • Oak City Grille Royal Oak Thursday 10/4 8:30pm-1230
  • Fishbones Greektown Detroit Saturday 10/6 9:45pm-12:45
  • JP McGuire’s Taylor Saturday 10/13 9:30pm-1
  • Taylor Public Library Tuesday 10/16 10:30am-11:30 “Fairy Godmother of Music” children’s program