The Mother of Reinvention

After all these years focusing on other projects, helping make other peoples holidays happier around the world, and a bunch of other jobs that had nothing to do with music, major life changes in 2017 left me off the cruise ship performance circuit, floundering around wondering what I’m really supposed to be doing with my life. A lot of thinking, listening, soul searching, and resting finally helped me reinvent the direction of my music career.

I’m so excited to perform under my own name as Melissa Behring & the Trustees. With a cast of rotating talented professional musicians from Metro Detroit, I feel like I can really express my own personal love for music and help bring live music to more people like you.

Why am I not committing to a specific line up?
Well, I have an amazing network of side men in the city. The Detroit musicians network is vast and playing with others really does help an artist develop and grow. So, I’m gonna try this out for a bit and see what happens. (#luckylife I know this will be good… Just like everything else I’ve experienced on earth so far.)

What about Jake Tobias you ask?
Well, he is my husband and my right hand musical man. He certainly will not be far away from this project. In many shows, you’ll still hear his amazing guitar licks and steady bass chops holding down the bottom. So no fear friends, Guitar Jake is still here. 🙂

What music will be featured?
There is a bunch of music that speaks me. As a vocalist, I’ve always struggled labeling myself. My tastes in material and experience varies greatly. I’ve sung all styles from Country, to Rock, to Pop, to Jazz, to Soul, to Blues, to Classical.
As a party band singer and performer, I excelled on cruise ships. Because Princess Cruises needed me to be a jack of all trades singer and be able to cover from one genre to the next without batting an eye, I messed around in all the musical genres. The global audience expected to hear songs they know and love from all types of global artists. During my time fronting The New Deal Band, we really worked hard to deliver.
As a singer fronting 7 Million Jigawatts, I honed my hard rock scream and that Janis Joplin growl so many of my listeners have loved and come to expect.
With the Melissa Behring & the Trustees, I will still be singing songs audiences know and love. I’m focusing my list on some key songwriters and songs that I’ve always wanted to sing “out”. I love songwriters like Pete Seger, Carol King, Stevie Wonder, and Linda Perry. I’ll be featuring songs by them, along with other Americana, Folk and Soul songs that speak to me with a need for reinvention and reinterpretation.

I’m looking forward to singing these songs for you live either in person or on the internet.

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